Thursday 3 October 2002

What is society coming to...?

Our society is tearing itself apart and instead of trying to sort it out the government is simply reflecting the general state of brutality that exists in the world. Instead of trying to heal, they're making the wounds worse. It's very sad to see.. I know this happened in the USA but it's starting over here too, you only have to look at the increasing crime figures to work that one out.

Chilling details emerge in child mob's fatal attack on Milwaukee man

A mob of boys used everything from broomsticks to strollers to bludgeon a man to death, then ate chicken and got rid of evidence, according to their statements to police.

They left behind a horrific scene -- a blood-spattered porch littered with bloody sticks, boards, rakes, chairs and beer cans. Charlie Young Jr., 36, was unconscious on the porch, bleeding head to toe after the Sunday night attack.

He died Tuesday after being taken off life support.

In statements to police, obtained by the Associated Press, the boys -- age 10 to 18 -- gave graphic details of the beating they inflicted on Young, a man they knew as "June" and "380."

A 16-year-old described how he jumped back each time he struck Young with a shovel handle so the blood wouldn't get on his clothes. He said he stopped on his way home to lift up a sewer cover and dump his blood-soaked shoes below. Two brothers say they went home together and ate fried chicken as they watched TV.

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