Monday, 7 October 2002


The Israeli's Knew About 9-11 and Didn't Tell Us

Is the government doing the right thing in withholding by marking “classified”, evidence that links Israeli spies with having knowledge of the 911 plot before it actually happened? Was it really a coincidence that the largest sell off of airline stocks occurred the day before? Why didn’t the government thoroughly investigate these short sellers instead of just taking their word that it was just normal market activity? Why didn’t any other news organization publish or follow up on this article? Why wasn’t the subject brought up on even one of the myriad TV or radio talk shows or news commentaries? Why have so few people have knowledge of this article? With all the media hype on George W’s supposed knowledge of certain events regarding 911, why is this never mentioned?

Why has this article been pulled from the Fox News web site? . . . Well it has been saved, and here it is. Please chain mail this to your friends, as it is the only way this information will be able to get out. The media will have nothing to do with it. Perhaps the media won’t touch it for the same reason that the government classified the information. It would have the effect of making the Israeli’s seem like co-conspirators and thus diffuse the war on “terrorism”, as well as create some very nasty funding problems for our politicians. But the truth will out despite the media . . .

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