Friday 4 October 2002

USA to Erase Iraq off the Map

Yes dear codshitters, once again this morning sees yet a new round of sabre-rattling and other insanity, why don't they just get on with it and invade Iraq, I mean it's not like Bush gives a toss about the UN. It's like the human race suddenly took a huge leap backwards in evolutionary terms, and the really sick thing is that all these people describe themselves as "Christians"...?

Ladies and Gentlemen, Jesus has left the building!

If there is a war against Iraq or not, Washington plans to get rid of Saddam. The latest speech from Vice President Dick Cheney is a good indication. Cheney initiated the development of a plan to unite Iraq and Jordan. This single kingdom would be subordinated to incumbent Jordanian King Abdullah II. The city of Amman will be the capital of the kingdom. The plan stipulates the unification of Jordan and the part of Iraq where Sunnite Arabs live. The plan was discussed in London between Jordan emissaries and representatives of the Iraqi opposition.

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