Friday 11 October 2002

Tracking The Elusive Truth

Yet another well documented series of discoveries related to 9/11, it's a great piece and shows you just how much of the puzzle the Internet Community has managed to piece together. While the governement is busy branding us "conspiracy theorists" or other simillarly derogatory, we are tearing down their lies as fast as they can spout them. Doesn't seem to make any difference to the pollies though, their true colours revealed at last; they are Immoral Death Merchants and that's all there is to it.

If you were a mystery writer, say, an Agatha Christie chess brain, and were confronted with a pair of corpses, two very tall, well loved, glamorous, American TWINS) , you would review the clues with avidity wouldn't you?

If you read every article in cyberspace, you would see, as researchers do, that U.S. spooks knew the two, beautiful twins were a.) scheduled to be offed, and b.) their death by fire would get you so crazy-flag-waving that they could put a long, long war before you and you'd bite down on it, hook and all.

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