Friday 4 October 2002

Roosevelt Was A Traitor!

Remember what you learned about Pearl Harbour in school? Well it was a all a LIE!

Worse Than Japan - Roosevelt Was A Traitor

For a couple of weeks we have been looking at Washington's use of war to submerge our nation in world government. We saw that there was no sensible reason for the United States to enter World War I, but that the Wilson Administration colluded with the English to embroil us by means of a trick. We saw that in the aftermath of the war, the conspirators failed to arrange world government because the U.S. Senate, then still dominated by Americans, failed to go along.

Twenty years passed and they had another chance. Europe was now embroiled in World War II. Remember that the war began on September 1st, 1939, when international socialist dictator Joe Stalin and National Socialist dictator Adolf Hitler,allies and treaty partners, invaded and dismembered Poland.

Franklin Roosevelt had been Assistant Secretary of the Navy when the Wilson Administration and Winston Churchill tricked us into World War I. Now he was President and he lusted to get the nation into war again. Roosevelt provoked Hitler by waging war without declaring it. For instance, he provided destroyer escorts to English convoys and threatened to sink any U-boats (German submarines) that showed themselves. Roosevelt was hoping to provoke an incident he could use as an excuse to declare war.

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