Saturday 19 October 2002

A Recipe For Disaster

1. Take a bunch of self-righteous, egomaniacal, power-hungry individuals wrapped in a layer of morally bankrupt religious fanaticism.

2. Add the world's most extensive arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.

3. Toss in absolute, unchecked control over the deadliest of military forces.

4. Pour in some half-baked ideas about dominating and ruling the world.

5. Stir vigorously until thoroughly mixed up.

6. Keep the mixture at a steady boiling point over a constant, pseudo- patriotic flame of fear-mongering, and what have you cooked up?

Bush's latest recipe for disaster, otherwise known as "The National Security Strategy of the United States."

If you've ever wondered why the United States is a country that other countries just love to hate, this document lays the reasons out in full splendor for all to see.

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