Thursday 10 October 2002

Phony Tony Exposed At Last!

Sorry, but one doesn't need to be an "intel expert" to know that Blair is telling us lies; even my neighbours cat knows he's talking shit! However, it's now official Phony Tony and the Cronies have been exposed as lying pieces of seagull poo! For all of those who thought it did, I'd just like to clarify; the sun does NOT shine out of Tony's arse, his arse has the same function as anyone else's except that sometimes he thinks he can talk out of it too!!

If you live in the UK then send a fax to your mp asking that the allegations in this story be followed up, I have!

I also note with unmitigated glee that after yesterdays codshit regarding the Shayler Trial D-Notice, today the Guardian is reporting the following: Press challenges MI5 trial secrecy

Top US Intel Expert Brands Tony Blair A Liar Over Iraq

Cartoons by Gurmit Tony Blair is a liar, the man who headed the CIA's Iraq desk during the Gulf War said last night

"Bush and Blair want a war in Iraq and they are both prepared to lie if necessary, in order to get one," said Dr Stephen Pelletiere, who recently retired as professor of National Security Affairs at the US Army War College.

"Blair's so-called dossier is supposed to be based on 'intelligence'," he said.

"It insults our intelligence by recycling old, discredited propaganda and presenting it as fact.

"The same canards have recently reappeared in The New Yorker - but The New Yorker is simply a magazine that lives on advertising.

"When lies appear in an official Government report to a sovereign Parliament, well then you have to ask yourself just what is going on."

Pelletiere said that crucial claims made in the British Government's Dossier on Iraq - and repeated by Tony Blair in his statement to the Commons - were patently false.

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