Tuesday 8 October 2002

Media And Authorities Fudge Gun Facts In DC Shootings

Is it only me who thinks it's highly suspicious that these shootings are taking place in the back-garden of those wonderfully friendly neo-fascists; the C.I.A. Maybe this whole thing is a ploy to try and take Americans' guns away from them...?

Over the weekend, police linked another shooting to the gunman who killed six people last week in the Washington, D.C., area.

Police say a woman shot and seriously wounded on Friday in Fredericksburg, Va., was struck by a bullet from the same gun used to kill an elderly man Thursday night in Washington, D.C.; and five people on Wednesday and Thursday in the Washington suburb of Montgomery County, Md. (Fredericksburg is about 70 miles away from the general area of the other shootings.)

As police continue their search for one or two suspects in the shootings of those seven people -- six of whom died -- local, state, and federal authorities have been releasing information to the media to encourage public assistance with finding the shooters.

But firearms experts said Friday that at least some of that information has been conveyed in a less than accurate manner.

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