Saturday 19 October 2002

Latest Bali Update...

There are only so many lies that people will believe, yet again, our hopelessly incomptent security services failed to pull their fingers out of their arses in time to stop loads of people dying. They are either complete and utter fuckwits (possible but unlikely) or they are up to something far more nefarious than even the most cynical of conspiracy theorists could possibly imagine.

US, Britain knew Bali bomb risk weeks ago
The United States and Britain have admitted they knew Bali was a possible terrorist target weeks before last Sunday's bombings, yet an upgraded travel notice late last month told New Zealanders that Bali was safe. Australia's spy agencies claim they had no prior intelligence about last weekend's bombing in Bali, Prime Minister John Howard said after touring the bomb site in Kuta yesterday. But UK officials, who had earlier spoken of "no specific threat picked up in relation to Bali that weekend", told the Guardian newspaper yesterday that a number of specific target areas had been identified, including six places in Indonesia, one of them Bali.
The Herald [New Zealand], 19 October 2002
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In Indonesia, people blame US agents for Bali blasts
Among Indonesians, a conspiracy theory has been gaining popular currency -one that puts the blame for the Bali attack on the United States. Suggestions of US involvement also have appeared in the commentaries of major Indonesian newspapers and the idea has been debated on television and radio talk shows. Meanwhile, there is a growing controversy in Washington, London, and Canberra over whether more could have been done to prevent the Bali attack -or at least give travelers more of a warning about the threat of terrorist attacks against resorts like Bali.
RFE/RL [US], 17 October 2002
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Australians blame Bali deaths on their government's alliance with US
Relatives had barely begun mourning the victims of the Bali bombings when the Australian government found itself faced with growing criticism. Newspaper letter-writers and pundits were quick to draw attention to Australia's alliance with the United States in the war on terrorism and the campaign to overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq, citing this as provocation for the attacks. Next in the line of fire were the intelligence services, which appear to have deliberately buried warnings of a possible terrorist attack on Bali.
The Independent [UK], 19 October 2002
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