Thursday 17 October 2002

Israel in the News

Rather than excerpt a piece from the web, I've decided to point you towards some news links that are well worth reading.

Another war on terror ::: The eyes of the world are on Afghanistan, but today a Belgian appeals court is due to consider a case with disturbing contemporary parallels. Robert Fisk reveals shocking new evidence that the full, horrific story of the Sabra and Chatila massacres of 1982 has not yet been told.

20 Zionist Myths Exposed ::: Exposing some of the lies we are all fed every day.

Press Bias ::: The head of the Israeli government press office has provoked stinging criticism from international news organizations by accusing them of gross bias in favor of Palestinians.

Nine children among 16 shot by Israel Tanks opened fire with machine guns without provocation ::: Visions of Soweto flow through my brain....

Israeli forces terrorize hospital staff and patients during five-hour raid ::: How civilised is that Mr Sharon?

Lebanon begins pumping Wazzani waters :: How long before the Israelis start bombing?