Sunday 13 October 2002

Is Israel Really America's Friend?

Is Israel really anyone's friend? Before anyone says anything I don't mean Israeli PEOPLE or Jewish PEOPLE who are some of the most hardcore and loved-up RAVERS on the planet; I mean the Israeli STATE!

Elsewhere on this website, I have collected many articles by Western journalists, Jews and Israelis, and human rights organizations all of whom condemn Israel's policies in Palestine. I have also provided evidence that Israel is an apartheid state. I believe that all of this should be sufficient reason for America to stop supporting Israel - we should stand up for justice. But even if you don't find this a compelling argument, we can look at whether Israel has really been a loyal ally to the U.S., or whether the U.S.-Israeli relationship is costing America. Is Israel really America's friend? Examine the evidence below.

A friend wouldn't:

* spy on America
* sell American military secrets to America's enemies
* pirate America's technology
* stockpile weapons of mass destruction
* attack an American naval vessel in international waters
* stand by and let Americans be killed

Israel has done all of these and continues to do them. This is not "Muslim propaganda". All reports are taken from American or Israeli news sources and journalists.

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