Wednesday 9 October 2002

IRA Spying Affair

We've got D-Notices everywhere today! Our wonderfully undemocratic government seems to be hiding something rather large...? If you ask me the Northern Ireland thing is being blown up in order to draw public attention away from the content of the documents themselves. Below is a brief (but unverifiable) account of what may be contained in the documents.

Secret Transcripts Expose Bush

According to a major British newspaper, the Irish Republican Army, the IRA, has penetrated the American/British high government secrets.

The details between the lines and left out of the story, read like from an-edge-of-the-cliff spy novel. Various foreign journalists, working on the story, are aware their editors deleted revealing details reportedly contained in the secret transcripts and other documents purloined by the IRA...

The secret transcripts and other high-level documents grabbed by the IRA reportedly prove the following, according to those familiar with them:

1. In discussions with British Prime Minister Tony Blair, George W. Bush admits he is greatly troubled by suppressed documents of the American CIA proving there is no danger by Saddam Hussein and no basis for a pre-emptive military attack by the U.S. aided by the British on Iraq. Blair and Bush discuss the oil question. Namely, that in several years Saudi oil reserves will have passed their peak. On the other hand, Iraq has huge untapped oil reserves.

2. As apparently shown by the secret transcripts and other stolen documents, George W. Bush expressed his concern to Blair who agreed that Saddam Hussein, if left in power, and alive, is in a position to blackmail the Bush Family and the Queen of England.

3. By their discussions, Bush/Blair show they understand that a full inquiry into the Iraq matter, will be detrimental, in that it would show that the Daddy Bush Administration, aided by the London government, supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical/biological weapons and elements toward a nuclear device, that were destroyed by the U.N. Inspection teams. [See documented study in the book "Spider's Web---The secret history of how the White House illegally armed Iraq", by Alan Friedman (journalist with the Financial Times of London), Bantam Books, 1993.]

4. As shown by the secret transcripts and stolen records, George W. Bush shared with Tony Blair, Bush's complaint that the Israeli intelligence agency, The Mossad, was blackmailing Bush by letting it be known that The Mossad gave the White House, the American CIA, and the Justice Department specific advance warning that there would be the events of Black Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Blair tells Bush that Blair was likewise put in a position of prior knowledge but was forbidden to take action by certain business interests. Both Bush and Blair, according to the secret transcripts, cursed "The Jews" for interfering with the Bush/Blair agenda.

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