Friday 11 October 2002

European Military Source: Sniper Attacks Look Like Gov't Special Ops

According to military source with experience in Vietnam, the recent sniper killings in the Washington area look like the work of a military "special operation" involving no less than two or three profesional snipers.

This source pointed to the timing, location and the fact that all the shooters got away without leaving a trace. He gave the example of the shootings of October 3, when no less than 4 people were killed within 2 hours. He pointed out that although they were all killed in the same general geographical area, they were too far from one another for one shooter. He estimated that three shooters would be involved. The skill in these cases is not that they killed their targets, but did it without exposing their positions, as a trained sniper would, and then got away without leaving a trace. This type of operation could not be done from a moving vehicle, because the chances of hitting the target are very low. Therefore, the fact that no one saw where the shooting came from would indicate that the shooter was in a fixed position waiting for an opportunity to shoot without giving away his position. This also would facilitate the fact that they were able to leave the scene totally undetected. If we are talking about trained sniper teams, we are talking about at least 10 people. One commander, three shooters and the others involved in the exit and or "clean up" if something goes wrong.

The source felt that this was only the beginning of the operation and eventually they would start hitting targets in Washington. The targets could then become less "random" and start targeting government employees and politicians.

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