Saturday 19 October 2002

Emerging Global Controls for the Enslavement of Humanity

Here's what it's really all about people WWI, WWII, WTC, Bali; they are all about control pure and simple; control by them of us.

Welcome to the Desert of the Real!

At present, the economic elite enjoy autonomous control over their own specific countries, and continue to get richer from foreign industrialization. So while the standard of living for the already disadvantaged bottom 90 percent within Western nations continues to drop, the super rich are using their profits to buy up an even greater percentage of real assets both at home and in the developing nations.

Morally speaking, the socioeconomic leveling effects of locating industries into 2nd and 3rd World countries could be looked on as a positive global development, if it were not for one important fact.

The western elite who hire these people intend to pay them as little as possible, for as long as possible.

They can get away with paying them as little as possible because the workers are generally speaking unorganized and already impoverished by their own elite. The elite hope to get away with cheap labor as long as possible by introducing the same type of political, economic, and media controls in the 2nd and 3rd World countries, as have already been refined in the West. Unless this is done, 2nd and 3rd World workers may become as difficult to exploit as workers now are in the West. Worse yet, they may demand nationalization of the foreign owned industrialization just as the various Arab countries had pressured for nationalization of their oil interests.

The process of forming an integrated global Feudal empire began in earnest with the formation of the Trilateral Commission. It is worth mentioning once again that since its inception, the Trilateral Commission has funded numerous studies which deal with key aspects of controlling whole populations. Since the TC infiltrated the White House, it has collected a frighteningly comprehensive pool of knowledge, all of which will be used to establish the new global order.

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