Saturday 5 October 2002

Disturbing Patterns Found in Recent Proliferation of Child Pornography

Looks Like Involvement at Institutional and Governmental Levels

by vox

Since 1980 there has existed - virtually no commercial production of child pornography whatsoever anywhere - Until now.

The recent explosion of Russian produced soft core child pornography, targeted at English language customers contains clues that point to involvement of governmental agencies either through aquiessence or worse - direct profit.

The FBI’s own statistic claims that the cumulative commercial profits from the international child porn industry have gone from $0.00 ten years ago (virtually nonexistent) to an estimated 20 to 30 billion dollars annually. (FBI) And while this 20 to 30 billion figure is a gross distortion (a Fear Bomb) typical of agencies eager to justify their expanding budgets, there is nevertheless an unmistakable and expanding commercial component to this recent upsurge in production - As judged by the Visa, Mastercard and American Express logos plastered prominently on the front pages of these proliferate child pornography sites.

Welcome to the New World Order.

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