Sunday 6 October 2002

Did Israel Bomb the U.S.S. Cole?

Be Afraid... All of America, Muslims and non-Muslims have grieved for the innocent Americans killed in the attack on the USS Cole. An important Muslims cleric in Detroit, MI explained that Muslims fight only combatants, not innocents. This brings us to something strange and very important in our report to you.

Some disturbing new information has come from some of our confidential sources in Washington, DC; it appears that the bomb making materials used in the bomb, known as D 4, that blew a hole in the U.S.S. Cole could only have come from the U.S. or from Israel.

This has alarmed the FBI and its director, Mr. Louis Freeh. Various bomb experts in the CIA have raised new questions about the Mossad (Israeli’s Secret Service). Once expert on counter-terrorism and espionage told our reporter that Israel killed its own ambassador to London, England in l982 in order to use that as a pretext to attack Lebanon. There have been other incidents this source disclosed but he could only speak of them off the record. As he said, “It’s part of an old game, you do something that appears to come from an enemy, in order to make that alleged enemy look worse; in this case, Israel may have done it to make the Muslims and Arabs look bad, especially in light of the warming American-Yemen relationship.” Thus, there are some intelligence sources that are starting to have questions about the people involved in the bombing.

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