Saturday 12 October 2002

Codshit of the Day Award

we love you samsung, we do, we love samsung we do, we love you samsung, we do, oh samsung we love you Managed to convince Orange to give me one of these lovely new sexy Samsung phones for FREE :-) How you ask? Well, I basically phoned them and played the whore, KJC offering phone, me not care about silly network, what you do for me Mr Orange?

we love you orange, we do, we love orange we do, we love you orange, we do, oh orange we love you Mr Orange bent over backwards and said;
"Please mr ewar sir, don't leave me, I love you I'll do anything for you, please keep your direct debit flowing!"

So I said;
"Ok Mr Orange but I WANT a T100 and I don't want to pay for it!"

And he said:
"ok mr ewar, you switch tariff, we give you 70 squid cash-back, we also pay you 50 squids for CRAPPY NOKIA 6210 with loose battery"

And I said:
"so me get new mobone for 1 little squid?"

And he said:

And me said;
"ok Mr Orange I love you too, I'll stay"

Now THAT'S playing the system!

Right, now as for Samsung's website designers (and copywriters!) they need this Codshit of the Day Award because they talk as much codshit as I do! Please see below:

"The external LCD display glimmering mysteriously with sapphire-blue backlighting is the trademark of the Samsung phones."