Friday 11 October 2002

China's Threat Grows As Everyone Watches Iraq

Those watching the mainstream media in the past weeks, months or even years may conclude that either China does not exist and has never existed, or it is so small (say, its population is 25 million) and technologically backward (it doesn,t have even nuclear weapons) that it is simply not worth mentioning, because the world is being endangered by the super-superpower named Iraq, which the U.S. mainstream media have been mentioning millions of times a day if we add up all periodicals and electronic networks.

An extraterrestrial visitor would imagine that on the Earth of today there is only one big country, named Iraq, occupying most of the world,s land, dominating the oceans, and being superior in the air and in space. Scattered over the globe there are small weaklings, mentioned by the U.S. mainstream media occasionally, such as Western Europe or Russia.

As for the United States, it would seem to the extraterrestrial to be the last country challenging (with Tony Blair) the super-superpower Iraq " to be the last heroic desperado, ready, in a kind of last-ditch despair, to attack that mightiest Leviathan before the latter has crushed, as it might a bed bug, the defiant United States.

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