Monday 7 October 2002

Bush's Iraq Lies

by Morgan Strong

A decade ago, the United States and its allies liberated Kuwait from Iraq's occupation. The actual battle to free Kuwait was far shorter than the battle to win the approval of the American people to go to war.

The military tactic of the battle to defeat Iraq and liberate Kuwait was quite similar to tactics used to convince the American public they had to go to war to defeat the evil menace of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. In American football, they call it the "End Around." The military calls it a "Flanking Movement"; it is the same thing. The idea is to get behind the other side's defense by deception, than attack from the rear.

President George Herbert Walker Bush did a marvelous job of getting behind the defenses of the American people and attacking their complacency and indifference from behind.

The first President Bush had to convince the American public of Saddam's unmitigated evil. He brought in his best troops, a public relations firm bristling with the powerful weapons of deception and fraud, to convince the docile Americans they had to rid the world of this most despicable and evil man. The Americans had an obligation to restore peace, tranquility and democracy to the helpless people of Kuwait now brutalized by the hideous thug Saddam.

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