Tuesday 8 October 2002

Boom, Bust and Echo: A Dark Theory Behind Black Tuesday

by Michael Ruppert

Mainstream news coverage of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center has left little room for speculation about the true identities and intentions of its masterminds. As television monitors around the world broadcast recurring images of the once mighty Manhattan skyline, now reduced into a smoldering pile of dust and rubble, forces are gathering to inflict what is sure to be one of the most brutal retaliatory strikes in the history of modern combat. And, despite the lessons learned from Pearl Harbor, Vietnam, and Oklahoma City, both the U.S. Congress and the American public have been pushed to the brink of entering a long and difficult battle against an indistinguishable foe in a heretofore unconquerable land.

But do we know all the facts of the story? Are there alternative theories to explain the events that transpired with such dramatic choreography before the horrified eyes of an entire nation? We believe there are. In this first installment of GNN's CounterIntelligence, Stephen Marshall discusses the attack with former LAPD narcotics detective and author Michael Ruppert, best known for exposing elements of the CIA's drug smuggling operation in Central America during the 1980s. With surgical detail, Ruppert examines the possibility of an imminent global financial meltdown and how the terrorist strikes may be part of a larger, much more complex network of interests than the mainstream media is telling you about.

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