Wednesday 11 September 2002

Why America Is Finished

Evil, Hatred, Violence & Death Rule US Pop-Rock-Film Culture

By ANY measure, America's pop, rock, rap culture - 'music', films and television - is now a raging, heinous homicidal beast of evil. American pop 'culture' is firmly the province of violence, death, murder, sprawling drug use (illegal and pharmaceutical), the images of 'celebrities' in magazines, MTV (perhaps the biggest annihilator of goodness in history), self-mutilation, pre-teen and teen emulatory whoredom, and the most grotesque overall moral depravity since end of ancient Rome... and arguably far worse.

Yes, there are exceptions...and there are still some good parents and children but the percentage is small. Very small.

Because the majority basks and revels in the HIDEOUSNESS of the blackest energy of hate, rage and violence of the worded MESSAGES and visually cunning and overwhelming IMAGES which permeate its daily life. Terminal Madness of the End Time.

Guard your children well, you parents who still have the guts and integrity to do so.

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