Monday 2 September 2002

Who Benefits?

Who Benefits from the World Trade Center/Pentagon Attacks?

Click me and I'll tickle you! Who Benefits? That's always the first question to consider when a "terrorist" attack occurs. Instead of clenching one's fist, waving one's flag and shouting vindictive slogans, let's just stop for a moment of calm analysis of the basic facts. When we analyze who benefits, we immediately will know with over 99% surety, who did it!

What was the tone of U.S. and world opinion just a week or two before the attacks?

In the U.S., the economy was lagging badly, the stock market was falling, many were questioning if the government's taxes were legal, the Gary Condit case had been poorly handled, people continued to question Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing, they questioned our support of Israel in her policies regarding the Palestinians, and the approval rate of President Bush was low.

What about World Opinion? Just 8 days before the WTC/Pentagon attacks, Israel was stunned by a UN decision equating Zionism with Racism, according to Ha'aretz

Israel was branded a "racist apartheid" state by thousands of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) attending a U.N. World Conference Against Racism in Durban, South Africa. The conference was attended by representatives of 153 governments.

The declaration, adopted by 3,000 NGOs in 44 regional and interest-based caucuses, shocked Jewish groups.

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres called the anti-Israel declarations a disgrace, and said that Israel was "seriously" contemplating withdrawing from the conference in protest. The Israeli delegation to the conference blasted the language of the NGO declaration as an incitement to hatred of Jews.

Jewish delegates walked out. The U.S. delegates followed.

The Forum accused the Jewish state of "systematic perpetration of racist crimes including war crimes, acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing" in its treatment of the Palestinians.

In addition, the head of the Danish Red Cross, Freddy Karup Pederson, told the Danish Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee that the lifestyle of Jewish settlers in the Palestinian territories resembles that of whites under the former racist apartheid system. He also criticized Israel's collective punishment of the Palestinian population.

There is NO doubt that Israel is a racist state. Its own human-rights advocates call it that. The laws of the state of Israel allow a Jew anywhere in the world to become a citizen of Israel, but a Palestinian driven out of his own country, deprived of his home and all his possessions in 1948, cannot return. There are certain neighborhoods in Israel where a Palestinian cannot be issued a building permit, nor have the opportunity to buy or rent a home.

Wouldn't the ACLU scream racism if those laws were applied to the Jews - or to the Blacks - in the USA.