Friday 20 September 2002

TV boss attacks his own programme

For the record John Pilger is one of the most courageous and humanitarian individuals on the planet. The programme described interviewed both Jews and Arabs, and treated each with a tremendous amount of respect. A lot more respect than Pilger has recieved from the people who aired his programme.

John Pilger in Palestine Carlton chairman Michael Green has hit out at a documentary by journalist John Pilger on the Palestinians - even though it was made by his own company.

The programme, Palestine Is Still the Issue, was shown on ITV1 on Monday night and was watched by around one million viewers.

It featured Pilger visiting West Bank settlements and interviewing both Palestinians and Israelis as well as Israeli government spokesman Dore Gold.

However, Pilger's opinion, voiced during the programme, that the Middle East conflict stems from Israeli injustices towards the Palestinians attracted a string of criticism.

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