Tuesday 3 September 2002

Trashing Our Rights

People we are having the rights and freedoms we take for granted secretly undermined, one day you'll wake up and you won't have any more freedom of expression. Soon after that anyone who dares to speak out against the opressive tyranny of The Rich will end up in one of The Camps! Sorry but I don't want some ignorant corporate American pig (politician) to have any say whatsoever in any aspect of life in Europe or the conduct of EU citizens, period. I don't want closer cooperation on "criminal matters" or any other fragging "matters" because the good old US-of-A has demonstrated to the world that they are closet facists who's world view includes a few filthy rich fat fucks living in unprecedented luxury at the expense of everyone else's prosperity, environment, health and sanity. They call it "security", I call it "Gulag Democracy".

"Consume or we'll kick your head in!"

Zeig Heil!

Europe-US terror treaty plan raises rights fears

European Union governments are secretly drawing up a treaty with the US on issues ranging from extradition to undercover police operations in a move which has huge implications for individual rights and liberties.

Shortly after the September 11 attacks on the US last year, the EU suggested negotiating an agreement with Washington on joint measures to combat terrorism.

The US replied that the agreement should go far beyond the fight against terrorism and cover what it called general "criminal matters".

Documents leaked to Statewatch, an independent group monitoring threats to civil liberties in the EU, show that the planned treaty will include joint police operations, intercepting communications and the search and seizure of bank accounts.

They also reveal that the US wants to make it much easier for European governments to extradite EU and non-EU citizens by making it harder for individuals to plead political immunity and by adopting fast-track judicial procedures.

EU governments have said they are prepared to adopt what they call a "modern approach" to the issue, the documents show. The implication is that they are willing to abandon existing obstacles to extradition.

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