Wednesday 18 September 2002

Still The Puppets Play... As The Strings Suffocate

by The Messenger

Aperture to the Gates of Hell
After the halt was placed on evolution, mankind had lost its way and slowly began to rot. Man himself became weak. Wretchedness was all abound. None of man's original splendor was left intact. But devolution was here to stay.

The efforts to correct the plague were mounting. But the efforts were all in vain...

Sail away on the waves of despair
Drowned within the tears that once cared
There's a light shining down on me
My true advocate
My destiny I foresee
Now to paint the world black

-= Paint the World Black, R. Desmond =-

Hundreds of thousands of years of human history and this is how it turned out. No superior evolutionary forms. No tranquility for mankind. Instead there are diseased, obese, greedy and warring factions, all manner of conflict, all things profane.

Man struggles on tasks that are otherwise seen as rather basic and unchallenging, for example, noble conduct, watching one's weight, or other natural functions.

He cares not that he must go to unusual lengths to protect his family from criminals within his own community. If he did, he would do something about it. Yet to take any reasonable measures in his defense would land him in prison and undoubtedly prompt a civil lawsuit.

The majority of white men are bred on the Jewish Christian faith, a poison which transforms the mind into something vile and unnatural. He loves to be the victim, to be the servant, to be the holder of no-desire and no-conviction. He has devolved under this false doctrine into a puppet of perversion. His God died to save him, yet he cannot ask for sacrifice to ensure the balance of his community. If there are criminals he must not only let them live but also let them assume control over his entire culture.

He pays no attention to himself, or to how his life, or the world should be structured. Instead he lets everyone of any authority trample over him. His boss, his government, his wealthy international bankers, his corrupt globalist debacles, his worthless public and private schools, her wife-beating, child-molesting husband, her prozac-popping puppet. To the minor scare of personal troubles to the threat of world war and mutually assured destruction all structures in this world are substandard and anti-human.

We always thought our faith would save us: it is the greatest lie of mankind. We believe more in a supernatural being than we do in our own human reason. When we turn to hate the corruption, hate the poisoners, we are told by the same faith that our hatred must be burnt out from us, and it is no wonder of the result which has caused this world-misery to perpetuate.

In place of justice there stand the figures of authority, a president who is worshipped as god, a congress as his disciples. International bankers control the currency, no one cares. Globalist billionaires reap profits from slave-labor throughout the world; they soon will no longer have any use for decent, honest, "well-paid" workers within the same border; still no one cares. Subhuman street-gangs have transformed society from the frail unto the filth-ridden disaster that it is. Mobsters of every race, working in ties with the government, with the police, with the businesses, with the Vatican, mar the lines between honest and corrupt, between patriotic and treasonous, citizen and crook, good and evil; indeed, they are one in the same.

Still the puppets play as the strings suffocate.

And then we hear that famous line as if from the devil himself:

"Do you not trust me?"

Ragnarok Response
A massive national debt, a corporate debt, a pension fund disaster, a private ownership of national currency, the USA was long dead before any terrorist attack or accounting scandal hit the front page. If it is true what they say that America is the wealthiest nation in the world, why then would it need to flood its borders with mass immigration, send off jobs to third world countries, and borrow money from Europe's banks? How could it be the wealthiest nation when it loses hundreds of billions of dollars?

There is no other choice for the Republican Party which only knows old world means, war and oil, to attempt to save the world's only superpower from economical ruin. The Democratic Party on the other hand only knows how to hide and prolong the catastrophe, and the sheeple are all convinced that a fake 'budget surplus' is the way of the savior. The Greens and the Libertarians too are both poor excuses for what America really needs.

Can we really blame a Democrat for being a Democrat or a Republican for being a Republican? No, we cannot. But we can and must abolish them altogether. For if we don't take action now it will be apocalyptic tomorrow.

These "leaders" condemn White Unity, moderate nationalism, as they do of supremacy, while their policies are at the forefront of empirical disaster. There is no justification for America to remain a "superpower" which in effect is not suicidal but plainly destructive to our own kinfolk, as democracy and globalism (the merge of which can only equal communism) are the failed structures which allowed this fiasco to happen.

In the future, a bulk of all jobs will be filled by slave-labor from third-world countries, all of which are hostile to the white population. Immigrants will flood into our great white countries until they become the underpaid majority. This scheme is the bargaining chip of plutocratic globalists to reverse competition, and the result will force all paychecks to be seriously diminished, save that of the elite. Nigh, this scheme will effectively create a slave-race of the entire world, all in the name of financing the Empire.

We envision a future world with its back against the wall. Increased numbers of people throughout the world will come to realize the failure of the five-permanent-nation UN which links China and Russia on one extreme with that of England and USA

Men of the future will require preservation of their own culture. Just as the Roman Empire destroyed mankind's aboriginal history so too will globalist structures choke off all honorable modern cultural traits. The future aim therefore will be to keep Germany German, Ireland Irish, Norway Norwegian, and so on and so forth. International trading will be reduced to that of necessity. We therefore will no longer find an American McDonalds in any country except America, and that only cringingly, for when the sheeple finally wake up to the murderous exploits of these fast-food fiascos they

Bodies of those who have consistently destroyed the rainforest will be strewn in mass graves, cuddled lifelessly along side the globalists and ultra-industrialists. All those who have drawn the blood of our earth and crippled our way of life for so long will be massacred.

An eye for an eye, and all vengeance is deserving...will be the mantra of tomorrow.

Death will be their acquittance.

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