Friday 27 September 2002

Resistence is NOT futile!

This is a great story from a great website. If the fascists are in fact held at the gates then sites like will have been responsible for it.

Be Afraid... "My grandmother lives in Palestine, and told me an incredible story. The other day a bride and groom were on their way from Ramallah to their wedding reception in al Quds (another town), when they came across an Israeli checkpoint. The soldiers would not let them pass, the bride was begging the soldiers to let them through to meet their guests in al Quds, but the soldiers refused to budge. She began to break down and cry, seeing this, the hundreds of Palestinians waiting to get through [the] checkpoint, got out of their cars. The Palestinians, most of whom were complete strangers, gave her a make shift reception complete with music playing from their car stereos. For two hours, they danced, sang and wished the couple good luck on their new marriage, while Israeli soldiers stood by amazed at what had transpired. This is a 100% true story, and even aired on Al Jazeera. This proves that no matter how many weapons and how powerful the! Israeli army is, they cannot break the Palestinians' will."

- Sent in to by a reader