Wednesday 11 September 2002

One year on: A view from the Middle East

By Robert Fisk

September 11 did not change the world. Indeed, for months afterwards, no one was allowed even to question the motives of the mass murderers. To point out that they were all Arabs and Muslims was fair enough. But any attempt to connect these facts to the region they came from – the Middle East – was treated as a form of subversion; because, of course, to look too closely at the Middle East would raise disturbing questions about the region, about our Western policies in those tragic lands, and about America's relationship with Israel. Yet now, at last, President Bush's increasingly manic administration has spotted the connection – and is drawing all the wrong conclusions.

A fantastic insightful piece by a man who has been there and seen it, and knows more about the Middle East than most other people. He writes with great honesty and compassion. salutes a Hero Among Humans

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