Tuesday 17 September 2002

Oil Wars

Some stories picked up off the wires related to Iraq. Make no mistakes, this is a war for oil which the USA needs because their economy is slowly going into cardiac arrest. It's like that glutton you always see at KFC gorging themselves on grease, sooner or later the arterial system will collapse and the body will simply stop functioning. Why do you think that in 50 years we're all still using oil instead of super-efficient solar cells or hydrogen fuel cells? Most alternative sources of fuel (except nuclear) are FREE once you've bought the kit. Invest in solar panels and you don't need to keep buying oil! Another great one is how the pharmaceutical companies go to enormous lengths to stop people knowing about simple but effective health remedies that reduce dependence on nasty addictive drugs (vitamin B17 and Colloidal Silver come immediately to mind).

Iraq News:
Bush Fails to Make Case for War ::: updated
White House dismisses UN inspectors as irrelevant
War As A Distraction
US Calls Iraq Inspection Offer Tactic That Will Fail
US Says It Can Afford A War With Iraq
Saddam's Nuclear Weapons Are A Western Myth
Oil Companies Drool Over Iraq's Vast Oil Prize
Ousting Saddam 'would be good business', says White House
Washington tells Iraq it's not good enough

Oh yeah, and here's a taster of what will happen once those lovely American and British oil companies have finished extracting, refining and burning all the oil that this war is going to give them control over.

Eco News:
LA Babies Get Lifetime Worth Of Toxic Air In 2 Weeks - Study
Rats And Killer Mosquitoes Sweep Europe After Floods
Americans: Leading the Way, Destroying The Planet. What's The World To Do?

And you thought the air was polluted now!