Thursday 12 September 2002

McDonald's Workers' Resistance

Now here's a site and a group that deserves some support!

Cos our jobs are really shit

Fed up working your ass off for the minimum wage while some lazy git sits in an office getting rich off your back? Had enough of being told how to look, what to think and when to smile? Sick of late nights without overtime, all the crawling to 'superiors' and the company's idiotic propaganda? Concerned by McDonalds effect on the environment? Pissed off with the golden arches and everything they represent?

Of course you are, we all are. But McDonalds keeps getting away with it by doing everything in their power to stop us organising. For decades they've used myriad tactics, both legal and illegal, to try and stop their massive workforce from organising itself and putting an end to the exploitation that keeps the dollars rolling into McDonalds profit bank. They know that if we were organised they wouldn't get away with paying us such crap wages to work in such crap conditions.

Now the tide has turned. McDonalds Workers Resistance is a loose network controlled by McDonalds workers. We encourage McWorkers around the world to set up resistance groups at their stores, and through the network we can work together for higher wages, better conditions and a greater degree of control over our working lives...

Click here to go to their Website and show these guys some lurve!