Tuesday 24 September 2002

The Iraq debate gets curiouser and curiouser

Don't you just hate it when the bad guys agree to do what we want them to? If that's not a good reason to go in and take out Saddam, name one.

But our Fearless Leader, not one to be deterred from war merely by getting what he wants, promptly moved the goalposts and issued a new list of demands that Iraq must meet, including paying reparations to Kuwait.

If you step back and look at this debate, it just gets stranger and stranger. For one thing, all the evidence is that the administration has already made up its mind and we're going into Iraq this winter. President Bush went to the United Nations and demanded that it back him; he's going to Congress to demand that it back him; and there it is. This is not a debate -- it's Bush in his "You're either with us or against us" mode. It is not a discussion of whether invading Iraq is either necessary or wise.

If you add up all the reasons that the administration has advanced for going after Saddam, the only thing left to say is: "We need to take out Pervez Musharraf right now!" Musharraf has destroyed democracy in his country; he's backing terrorists in India, our democratic ally; his CIA was hand-in-glove with al Qaeda; his military is riddled with militant Islamists; his madrassas teach hatred of the West; his heroes are Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler; and he not only has nukes -- he's threatened to use them.
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