Monday 23 September 2002

The Gatekeepers

Foundations Fund Phony "Left" Media

Just found this in Cyberspace, seems that The Controllers are also funding the "left", makes sense really. This must be Plan B, just in case their attempted fascist takeover fails! Forget about existing structures and institutions and "New World Orders", it's all the same totalitarianism dressed up in a paisley shirt. It just goes to show you; TRUST NO-ONE!

Don't even trust me when I tell you not to trust anyone .: MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND!

"They are guarding all the doors, they are holding all the keys." ::: Morpheus

Click the image to enlarge it The multi-billion dollar Ford Foundation's historic relationship to the CIA is rarely mentioned on Pacifica's Democracy Now / Deep Dish TV show, on FAIR's Counterspin show, on the Working Assets Radio show, on The Nation Institute's Radio Nation show, on David Barsamian's Alternative Radio show or in the pages of Progressive (edited by a Rothschild no-less), Mother Jones and Z magazine. One reason may be because the Ford Foundation and other Establishment foundations subsidize the Establishment Left's alternative media gatekeepers / censors.

"If they don't like what we're doing, we don't get funded next year." Executive Director John Moyers

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