Sunday 8 September 2002

Flood of lies preceding Iraq attack threatens to drown us in bullsh*t

Sweep it all up, and mix it all together: the result is war propaganda – the hybrid of a half-truth and a lie. "Go massive" with a Big Lie, the bigger the better. To those of you old enough to remember Gulf War I, remember the incubator babies who turned out not to exist – and all the Iraqi nukes of yesteryear that never materialized, and never will? Every war has a founding myth – in the case of unjust wars, a founding lie. This is what the War Party is asking for when they beg the President to "make his case" and defend the policy of "pre-emptive" imperialism against his own generals and his father's advisors. The President's September 12 speech to the United Nations may be thought of as a dress rehearsal. The out-of-town road-show is bound to go on for weeks, but when it comes down to a vote in Congress the outcome is going to be very close, in spite of the War Party's confidence that victory is certain. To them I say, don't underestimate the American people – and don't count your chickenhawks before they hatch.
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