Wednesday 11 September 2002


Don't know if it'll do any good or even if Tony will listen to them, I've let my MP know how I feel, I suggest you do the same!

Parliament to be recalled after Blair bows to pressure for debate

Tony Blair is expected to bow to pressure to recall Parliament from its three-month summer break to discuss plans for military action against Iraq.

The Commons is likely to sit for one or two days the week after next, possibly on the day when the Government publishes its long-awaited dossier of evidence about Saddam Hussein's efforts to obtain chemical, biological and nuclear weapons.

Responding to a growing clamour from MPs for an emergency debate on Iraq, Mr Blair told the TUC conference in Blackpool yesterday: "Before there is any question of taking military action, I can categorically assure you that Parliament will be consulted and will have the fullest opportunity to debate the matter and express its view." The Prime Minister's words on Iraq were heard in silence but he won a polite 50-second standing ovation from most TUC delegates after saying President Saddam should be dealt with through the United Nations.

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