Monday 9 September 2002

Fighting Ignorance II

I'll probably get called an anti-Semite for this one, frankly I don't care anymore; this article is superb and helps one understand why Jews outside of Israel are loath to criticise it. Zionist racists have so abused the term "anti-Semite" that I now consider it a badge of honour. I'm not a racist or a bigot I am a sensitive sentient human being who is not afraid to ask difficult questions. So if anyone wants to call me an anti-Semite for simply questioning things then please feel free because if you do then the word doesn't mean shit anymore anyway.

The Seven Pillars Of Jewish Denial
Why do American Jews find it difficult to be critical of Israel? Here, setout in linear form, are seven obstacles to a Jew's ability to be critical of Israel.

1. A conviction that Jews are always in danger, always have been, and therefore are in danger now.
Which leads to:

2. The insistence that a criticism is an attack and will lead to our destruction.
Which is rooted in:

3. The supposition that any negativity towards Jews (or Israel) is a sign of anti-Semitism and will (again, inevitably) lead to our destruction.
Which is enhanced by:

4. Survivor's guilt.
Which contains within itself:

5. A hidden belief that we can change the past.
Which holds:

6. An even more hidden belief that a sufficient amount of suffering confers the right to violence.
Which finally brings us to:

7. The conviction that our beliefs, our ideology (or theology), matter more than the lives of other human beings.

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