Wednesday 25 September 2002

Fifty-three Labour MPs rebel despite Blair's assurance

At least they're not all clueless sycophants! This war is a seriously bad idea, all wars are a seriously bad idea but this one is the Heir to the Throne of the Kingdom of Bad Ideas.

Let's not fanny around here dear codshitters, this "Iraq Crisis" is not about human rights or how evil Saddam is or WMD or any of those worthwhile things, IT'S ABOUT WHO CONTROLS THE OIL UNDERNEATH IRAQI SOIL.

'Our purpose is No one wants military conflict'

Tony Blair suffered a substantial protest vote from his own backbenchers last night over a possible war with Iraq, despite trying to reassure MPs that his goal was to remove Saddam Hussein's weapons and not to topple him.

Fifty-three Labour MPs voted against the Government at the end of an emergency one-day debate in the second biggest backbench rebellion since Labour came to power. The revolt on a technical motion was a disappointment for Mr Blair who had sought to unite his party by stressing his commitment to a United Nations solution to the Iraq crisis and distancing himself from President George Bush's demands for "regime change". The scale of the rebellion suggests he has not yet convinced his party on his support for Mr Bush's hardline stance.
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