Saturday 21 September 2002

Consider the Spliff

Click the image to enlarge it Rant in C Minor

For anyone who may object to the title or subject of this post, please consider the following; alcohol KILLS 30,000 people in Britain every year. How many people does cannabis kill (without that other great LEGAL drug: tobacco)???????? To date I've never heard of anyone bonging themselves to death!

A testament to the society we live in is the way in which we regulate the use of cannabis. This substance which, for thousands of years, has had known and proven medical benefits and is relatively harmless to the body (except when smoked with tobacco), yet which some unseen force from way-back-when has decided is not suitable for human consumption.

So I sit here contemplating the spliff, a moderately harmless yet wholly illegal object. In actual fact, the dangerous part of the spliff is the part that is legal. When one turns the cannabis into food, it has no harmful physiological effects as it passes through the body.

So we have in this society a situation where it is perfectly legal for me to go into an off-license buy a few bottles of vodka and drink myself into the grave, quite literally, that same night after having glassed someone (and probably caused a few thousand quids worth of damage in the process). But on the other hand I'm not allowed to buy a similar mind altering chemical that wouldn't kill me no matter how much of it I smoked!

Click the image to enlarge it Some mornings I just don't understand this species. We seem bent on our mutually assured destruction in the face of a small group of rich totalitarian fascists (who incidentally and also HYPOCRITICALLY supply the same drugs that they have made illegal [like the CIA] !!!!) the whole thing is as sick as our society.

There's a cancer in society, it has many names and many symptoms, the name I choose to use for it is "Hypocrisy". If you boil away all of the other stuff that's in this melting pot of ours what you end up with is the bald-faced lies that those in power spout with the annoying regularity of a rhinoceros relieving itself! There is no right, there is no wrong, there is only life and what we choose to do with it. Those with wealth and power may devote all their energies to raping and exploiting the rest of us, but there's one thing that they can never change.

Their own damnation.

Mother Nature has a way of balancing the scales, sooner or later she'll decide that this insect like plunder of humans cannot go on, then one day BOOM! Another meteor, a Richter 12 earthquake or a polar shift and in the blink of an eye this species will be extinct. Look at what happened to the dinosaurs. It is only the arrogant among us that really believe our position of "supremacy" on this planet; we're only here because the Earth allows us to be.

Just wait until She gets really pissed off and starts fighting back!

In the face of that, all the puny human Weapons of Mass Destruction and other nefarious achievements will pale into insignificance, the human race will be gone, and what will we have achieved?