Thursday 26 September 2002

The Codshit Report

Email from a codshitter, an interesting point to be sure.

"I was in the Fez club the other day and I bumped into an MP from USAF Lakenheath. I put on my Codshit undercover hack hat and proceeded to interrogate him. I learned that during the search for Holly and Jessica no police set foot in Lakenheath or Millennial [sic] - all that happened was the putting up of posters. Interestingly he informed me that the MOD has absolute jurisdiction over any US base in the UK - a fact that took me quite by surprise..."

Now that is suprising, I thought that the base was US soil (same as an embassy) if it isn't then it begs the question why no-one was even questioned as to what they may or may not have seen.... Perimeter guards on duty, watch-tower people.... I'm not saying they were involved but they may have seen something relevant to the investigation....

This stinks of a cover-up.... What do you think...?

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