Sunday 29 September 2002

Blair attacks UK 'lack of confidence'

Fetch Tony Fetch.... Good boy.... Can I just say for the record that I don't have a "lack of confidence" in the United Kingdom or it's people, I have a severe lack of confidence in any public official who says that we should become more of a cold ruthless corporatist society. I also resent his implication, the government here doesn't mean one single thing it says and I think it's time for some more fundamental reforms; like proportional representation. In my opinion Mr Blair is mearly the figure-head for the masonic oligarchy which actually governs this country and has been doing so since the days of the Whig Party.

Tony Blair condemned opponents of change in Britain's public services and vowed that he would not compromise as he sent out a defiant message yesterday ahead of this week's crucial Labour Party conference.

In a hard-hitting interview with The Observer , the Prime Minister said the British disease of pessimism was undermining progress towards better services and a strong economy.

His attack - a deliberate echo of his controversial 'Forces of Conservatism' speech in 1999 - is likely to upset opponents of Government policy, whom he dismissed as pessimists who argued on the basis of prejudice rather than fact.

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