Friday 27 September 2002

The Bilderberg Group

Be Afraid... In case some of you haven't come across the name "Bilderberg" yet then let me point you in the direction of Tony Gosling's excellent repository of information where you'll find all the information you could possibly want about this rich and influential bunch of plutocrats.

First convened in 1954 by Prince Bernhardt (former SS Nazi and bosom-buddy of Prince Phillip) it takes it's name from the Bilderberg Hotel near Arnhem in The Netherlands, the group meets once a year in conditions of the utmost secrecy and are usually funded by local taxpayers! The trick to understanding the power of the Bilderbergers is not to pay attention to what happens during the meetings but to note those events that take place after the group has met each year. Of course we can't tell you much because no codshitter has -or indeed will- ever been invited to one.

Bilderberg Membership and Organisational Structure (2002)

Expose the Deep Black Lies of Bilderberg, CLICK HERE The following is taken from a Portuguese website, the information is from 1999 but the group has been meeting every year and it's modus operandi hasn't changed so the articles below will give you a good idea of just how secretive and sinister this group is.

Bilderberg, reputedly the most secretive & high powered organization in the world met in Portugal at the beginning of June 1999. On 1st May 1999, The News was the first newspaper in the world to reveal the location of the 1999 meeting. Over a period of six our articles covered the run up to the meeting, the official guest list, the official (and unofficial) agendas and much more.

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