Monday 9 September 2002

Ashamed to be British


I have British and Dutch passports, today is one of those days that makes me want to piss on my British one and send it back to Downing Street with a note telling Tony to stick it up his arse!

Priest Claims Top Secret Base Injected Dying Patients With Killer Viruses

The police are to investigate gruesome allegations that military scientists at a top secret Ministry of Defence research facility used old and sick people as guinea pigs in germ warfare experiments. Porton Down is already at the centre of another police investigation - Operation Antler - which concerns the duping of servicemen with the deadly sarin and tabun nerve gas, mustard gas, CS and CR riot gas, LSD and another mind-binding drug believed to be known as BZ. According to intelligence sources, more than 400 complaints and allegations have been made from surviving servicemen and women covering a period of time from the 1950’s right up to 1989.

The new allegations may strengthen the belief that there has been a major cover-up by the British Government and intelligence services.

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