Saturday 10 August 2002

We are all slaves to the Matrix...

If you want to understand why we are all slaves to an unseen master who's existence permeates our lives like the very air we breath, a cruel and artificial master imposed upon us by the gluttons and plutocrats. Read the article below and visit the website, it makes things a lot clearer, promise!

What is "Money" or "Currency"?

"Money" is not just a medium of exchange, unless it is only a medium of exchange; and so an exact and complete definition of money or currency is vital, because the very form of money may multiply debt in proportion to the circulation 1, to the ever greater cost and disadvantage of the subjects of the ostensible "economic" system, and to the ever greater profit and advantage of the few who impose that system upon them.

We cannot understand the ramifications of a monetary system unless we truly understand what is often called "money." In modern history, governments across the entire world have been corrupted purposely, to impose a currency which irreversibly multiplies debt in proportion to commerce.

As a result, vast accumulations of wealth have entrenched shaded plutocracies at ever greater cost to unassenting publics. For the irreversible disposition of every such system itself, we have suffered repeated, longer-term cycles of multiplication of debt and debt service, unto termination of commerce under insoluble debt. From the ashes of eventual, inherent bankruptcy across entire systems, after bankruptcy wipes away debt, the plutocracy, already empowered by unjust collection of the wealth, ensures their systems of debt multiplication are begun anew, to suffer no different consequence.

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