Sunday 4 August 2002

Thank the Universe I'm back in Brighton!

Ok, to start with I don't want to piss anyone off, but I HATE LONDON! The anonymity, size, size, size, size and oh yeah, the size of the place! Call me a country bumpkin (raised in deepest darkest Africa) but huge collections of people really do my nut! It's always worth it to see my mates but I do wish the place was a touch less fast, it's like Brighton multipled by 100 and given really strong speed!

Like I said, I'm a small-place sort of person. Technically Brighton is a city (no I can't be arsed to mention Hove, actually!) but it's a teeny weeny tiny arsed little city, we can't get that big because of the South Downs (thank goodness!), so we're just slowly absorbing every other town along the coast :-)

We have a beach that the Victorians created (I think it was them anyway!) basically the only thing they could do was dump shitloads of pebbles down over the marshes that were there! It's an interestingly English type of beach (deliberately not bringing the Scots and Welsh into this coz they have their own idiosyncracies!), we also have what must be the world's largest population of seagulls! Seriously, if you're not careful down here they'll have your slice of pizza straight out of you hand :-) There's a few pigeons too (this is where the ones from Trafalgar Square come to retire, I'm sure of it) but Seagulls and Fat Boy Slim are our main claim to fame... Don't let me forget Chris Eubank and all of those other famous Brightonians who weren't actually born here, come to think of it, I'm one of those too - at least in my own mind!

Anyway, it's a unique place and as all the world seems on the verge of major conflagration I think it's one of the best places to live, the only thing we need to worry about is Global Warming!


( = peace LOVE unity RESPECT )