Tuesday 6 August 2002

Secrets of the Bilderberg

The Bilderberger meetings were the brainchild of the remarkable Pole Dr. Joseph Retinger. He was according to Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands an extraordinary character who flitted through fifty years of European history on close terms with prime ministers, trade unionists, industrial magnates, artists, intellectuals and even committed revolutionaries. His address book of intimates and confidants read like a Who’s Who of international Movers and Shakers. He was born in 1888 of gentry parents in pre First World War Krakow, then part of Austrian Poland. He went to the Sorbonne in Paris to complete his education and was soon part of the city’s literary and artistic circles. He was a fierce Polish patriot and this made him more than unpopular with the Germans and Austrians, who during World War One put a price on his head.

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