Thursday 1 August 2002

Proof of how nice the Israeli Government is....

The gist of it is that Israel refuses to cut funding for occupied territories, and instead is taking resources away from the most needy in its society... Also notice that the Defence budget cut is exactly the same as the amount the US Congress has agreed to give them to further funding towards the slaughter of innocent Palestinian children.

I don't like suicide bombs but at least those bombers sacrifice their lives for what they believe in, the cowardly IDF just drops bombs on them from a great height.

How is it that a Palestinian child is worth less than an Israeli child in the eyes of the Sharon government??!?!?!?!?!?

Israeli cabinet backs budget cuts
Source: BBC Online

The Israeli cabinet has narrowly approved the biggest cuts in public spending in the country's history.

Ministers voted 14 to 12 after a marathon debate over deep cuts in welfare and defence spending.

The Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, has faced some of his strongest political opposition over the austerity measures.

Most of the opposition was directed at cuts in social spending which hit the weakest members of society the hardest - the unemployed and poor, especially single-parent families.

Critics said this was the nail in the coffin of Israel as a welfare state.

For example, there is no reduction in the considerable allocations for Jewish settlers living in the occupied territories, a key constituency for Ariel Sharon and his right-wing Likud Party.

Ministers from the left-wing Labour and the ultra-orthodox Shas parties voted against the budget proposal.

But that wasn't enough to stop it.

The plan would also cut defence spending, but that would be offset by a $200m grant from the US Congress to help Israel deal with the conflict.