Monday 12 August 2002

Living in darkness and light

Living in darkness and light
caught between fight and flight.
In the depths of black despair,
cloudy skies and rainy days;
misery loves company...

Through the dark mists of my mind,
I hear a voice, real and yet far away.
A voice I've heard a thousand times
in my mind, familliar, comforting;
a single boat in this ocean of tears

An image - a face;
bright and smiling,
radiant in her beauty.
A single warm star, and yet...
Only an image, only a fantasy.
Your face, my saving grace.
My lighthouse in stormy seas.

This is dedicated to Sharon, an amazing person who was very special to me, she passed beyond the veil almost a year ago now and it still seems like yesterday to me sometimes.

I miss you baby...