Sunday 11 August 2002

Hippocracy 101

It's commonly known in club cricles that the main dealers you'll find in an average nightclub probably work (either directly or indirectly) for the club itself! So the same appears to be true at the upper echelons of the drugs trade! Affidavit of Edward P. Cutolo.

The unbridled hippocracy of it is galling! We have Geedubya saying that if we do drugs we're aiding the terrorists but I suppose he's right if you believe (as I do) that the USA is the world's most notorious and vicious terrorist currently in existence, not bin Laden or Arafat or anyone else (except perhaps Sharon!). It looses all it's credibility as "land of the free and home of the brave" when it's stated policy becomes the militarist overthrow of any sovereign head of state who fails to do what he or she is told ("kiss my arse or I'll kick your head in"). I respect the people of the United States as I do the people of Israel, but their governments have lost all credibility and sense of morality and I believe that the UN should take immediate action. I join Michael Moore in calling for immediate and decisive UN intervention to halt the abrogation of liberty and justice for the poor beleagured citizens of these two troubled nations.

As I'm on the subject, I think we should call a glutton by his true name and arrest immediate control of the world's monetary system away from the secretive banking cartels because they are the ones who really call the shots around here. Unless we take away the power they have (which we wittingly or not gave them!) nothing will change. We need capitalism, but we need fairness and a much more equal distribution of wealth. Even the illustrious Founding Fathers of the United States realised this simple fact and put it into the US Constitution. Unfortunately that magnificent document and the spirit in which it was written seem to exist now only in name :-( It has become a historical oddity subjugated by the greed of small men for power and personal enrichment. If you ask me, the French should ask for the Statue of Liberty back and give it to someone else -like maybe Norway- which actually practises what it preaches!