Wednesday 7 August 2002

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08/6/02 JP Morgan Fails to Report $45 Billion in Gold Derivatives to the SEC

08/6/02 That West Nile Virus spreading across the USA is an Israeli strain

08/6/02 Woman sacked for revealing UN links with sex trade

08/6/02 The US is developing a range of handy, 'low-yield' bombs - and it's prepared to use them.

08/6/02 Israel likely to go nuclear in Iraq war.

08/6/02 One reason the government wanted to get rid of Traficant

08/6/02 FBI plays cyber-fear card again The same boys who managed to infect their own network with SirCam issued a dire warning of a cyber-attack to be unleashed on America. It didn't happen.

08/6/02 Microwave Weapons May Be Ready For Iraq "An attack on Iraq is expected to see the first use of high-power microwave weapons that produce a split-second spike of energy powerful enough to damage electronic components and scramble computer memories." Not to mention creating a lot of two-headed babies!

08/6/02 Bush building more smart weapons. Munitions factories put on double shifts. Let's be clear. What Bush is preparing to do isn't killing Saddam Huseein but killing thousands of Iraq's citizens whose only "crime" is that they are as loyal to their leadership as Bush demands you be loyal to him.

08/6/02 US turning Saudi into "enemy". "U.S. officials give it an ultimatum to stop backing terrorism or face seizure of its oil fields and its financial assets invested in the United States."

08/6/02 Briefing Depicted Saudis as Enemies And golly, but look at all that lovely oil they are sitting on!

08/6/02 US moves to add Saudi Arabia to the "enemies" list. Like Bush said in the speech that announced the "War on Terror", other nations would either be with him, or against him.

08/6/02 The USA has six plans to kill its own soldiers

08/6/02 WAS 9-11 ALLOWED TO HAPPEN? And will more 9-11s be allowed to happen until Bush gets his war for the oil? Alternate site for this article is HERE

08/6/02 US tries to kill human rights lawsuit against Exxon, claiming it would undermine the war on terror. Tell us again how all this bloodshed has nothing to do with oil.

08/6/02 Fed may cut interest rates again to keep economy from sliding back into recession.

08/6/02 9-11 issues

08/6/02 US will accept President Arafat as long as he has no real authority. This is typical of the US and Israel's offers to Palestine, making things look good but offering nothing of real value.

08/6/02 US takes over training the Philippine military.

08/6/02 George Bush's new imperialism A history of the very good reasons Iraq does not like the US and Great Britain.

08/6/02 Recalled meat is re-cooked and resold to you.

08/6/02 FBI losing guns and laptops. When you place government hugs above the law, don't be surprised when they start acting like it.

08/6/02 More evidence of foreknowledge of 9-11. Contrary to claims of "poor communications", note that the warning went right to the very top.

08/6/02 US Government, JP Morgan & Citigroup Said 'Defrauding The World' "...the US Treasury has to take over their positions. " means, "another taxpayer funded bailout".

08/6/02 Bush and Cheney in intimate business contact with the real prime suspects of the WTC/Pentagon crashbombing frame-up

08/6/02 Israel using Human Rights Workers as spies. Is this why some Human Rights Organizations insisted they didn't see evidence of the Jenin Massacre?

08/6/02 More voting hijinks in Florida Lawsuit seeks to remove Constitutional Amendment from ballot because it might "confuse" the voters.

08/6/02 Lessons of Hiroshima "The ongoing declassification of U.S. government documents and officials' diaries have fairly recently revealed evidence that the history lessons that we were taught after the end of the Pacific War were false."

08/6/02 German leader says no to Iraq war "We say this with equal self-confidence: we're not available for adventures, and the time of cheque book diplomacy is over once and for all."

08/6/02 Treasury System vs. Federal Reserve System Did you know that this nation got along just fine without an income tax for more than one hundred years?

08/6/02 "The Balanced Budget" and the facts EVERYONE must know now !

08/6/02 ISRAELI INTELLIGENCE: IRAQ FINANCED ATTACKS Hey, The "By way of deception, thou shalt do war" people wouldn't lie to us, right? Now after we gave them all that money, right?

08/6/02 UN demands Israel immediately withdraw from Palestine. "Quick! Have HAMAS blow something up so we can ignore the UN again!"

08/6/02 Bush Aides Deny Getting Plan to Fight Al Qaeda prior to 9-11 This is total bovine excrement, as the US was informing other nations of a plan to invade Afghanistan months before 9-11.

08/6/02 The correct procedure for flying US warplanes while stoned.

08/6/02 Clear Channel Communications owns 40% of all radio in the US! But I haven't been able to find a single one of their stations that opposes sending our kids off to die in a war.

08/6/02 The return to Afghanistan: Collateral damage

08/6/02 Sharon Dooms Israel—and Perhaps the United States—to Endless War

08/6/02 ''The long term strategy of Israel and how it affects the U.S.'' What could possibly be the point of the seemingly indiscriminate carnage and destruction? Rooting out the terrorists or revenge is often the official explanation. But tiny babies are not terrorists yet they are killed by the dozens. Olive trees are not terrorists yet they are uprooted by the hundreds. Homes are not terrorists but they are destroyed by the thousands. Buildings and factories are labeled bomb factories and are shelled into oblivion. One need only examine these actions to discern the overall strategy of the country that is behind them.

08/6/02 "You vill only vote for ze APPROVED parties, dumbkopf!"

08/6/02 Kofi Annan warns US against war in Iraq

08/6/02 No double-dip recession on horizon-Treasury official It's just one huge slump. (Brazil is next on the "bailout-at-US-taxpayer-expense" list).

08/6/02 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Documentary on "Fifth Estate", January 6, 1998 More about CIA funded human experiments

08/6/02 Public losing trust in the mainstream media

08/6/02 Admission by the US Navy that sonar is responsible for whale beachings Caution: Long download