Tuesday 20 August 2002

Has the time come to shoot the bastards?

By Liz Michael

All Hail Fatherland Security, which will surely keep us all safe.

Yeah, right.

This column will call the current security over liberty mania "Fatherland Security" from now on, because it is something that rightly belongs in the Third Reich and not America.

The security of the people of the United States has not increased one whit since 9-11. Airport security is still being administered by the same minimum wage noodniks that administered it on 9-10, only now, those noodniks have secure federal jobs at inflated salaries. These noodniks seem to catch medal of honor winners, Green Party members, grannies with knitting, white women with babies, and a Secret Service agent, and seem to be able to engage in sexual assault, but they couldn't catch Al-Qaeda trained Richard Reid, nor could they apparently catch the saboteurs of American Airlines Flight 587, TWA800, Swiss Air or Egypt Air, and probably not the real culprits of Pan Am 103. And the government has shown us exactly what it will do in terrorist attacks: cover them up and make them look like accidents.

And that's exactly what they'll do when terrorists attack our nuclear power plants, our electric grid, our water and sewage systems, our food, our computer systems and our beloved sports stadiums. They have shown that they will never admit to a successful terrorist attack unless it's caught on camera in the act, and cannot be explained away in any other manner.

And the only thing that our glorious Reichsführer has seriously attacked is our civil liberties. And he has the nerve to say that we who love liberty are "aiding the terrorists" when we dare to call him on it.

And there seems to be increased calls for national ID's, de facto national ID's through driver's licenses, biometric scans, checkpoints, and even chipping people.

Has the time come to shoot the bastards?

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