Thursday 8 August 2002

Geedubya and the Ineptons...

I was thinking the other day that there must be some sort of s.e.p. field that stops everyone from standing up and saying; You can't do that!

I mean that's what we need isn't it? We need everyone everywhere to stand up to authorities like the IMF, USA, WTO and The Controllers and say; No More! No more lies, no more greed, no more fragging bank charges and interest rates and passports! No More! No more control, no more hatred, no more arms sales, no more secret bases, no more invasions, no more men with little dicks pretending to be men with big dicks! What gives them the right to tell us what to do, are they making things better in the world? Are there less people starving now than there were 20 years ago? Is there greater literacy in the world? Are fewer babies dying in their first year? Do people have the right to express their opinions around the world? Does everyone have access to a computer?

No no no a thousands times definitely NO!

This is an unacceptible state of affairs! It's one thing to have ineptons on the planet, it's a-whole-nother kettle of fish to let the bloody things run the show!

Am I the only one who sees it?