Monday 19 August 2002

From "Wag The Dog" to "Gas The Dog"

This is the purest war propaganda. One video of what may be Osama bin Laden mixed with a video of a dog being gassed which could have been created anywhere equals the US sinking to new lows trying to manufacture support for a war nobody but the oil companies want. This dog-video reminds me of Hill & Knowlton's much ballyhooed claim that Iraqi troops were stealing incubators from Kuwait hospitals and leaving premature babies to die on the floor. That was a hoax to sell a war. And until proven otherwise, the safest course is to assume this latest "shock video" is just another propaganda stunt by the public relations firms which grow rich and fat off of your tax dollars by lying to you for the US Government. Anonymous US officials have declared this to be "unquestionable" evidence that al Qaeda has chemical weapons. I find it very questionable. For one thing, the compare the quality of the dog video with that of the famous Osama "confession" tape. Why does a dog get much better video quality than the boss?

See the propaganda here